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325th Fighter Group WWII

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The 325th Fighter Group commenced combat operations in the Mediterranean Theater (MTO). They flew their first  missions, from North Africa, while part of the 12th Army Air Force. In November 1943, they became part of the 306th Fighter Wing, and moved to Italy with the newly formed 15th AAF, for the remainder of the war.  Three squadrons, the 317th, 318th, and 319th formed the 325th.

As you will see in these pages, the "Checkertail Clan" accumulated some impressive statistics.  During the war, they flew long and arduous missions, never sure when the war would end.  Together, with all the other groups in the Fifteenth Air Force, they formed an integral part of the Allied Air War. 

In an effort to preserve their history,
these pages are dedicated to all those who served with the 325th Fighter Group.   

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